While most massage therapies are serviced by a single masseuse, a 4-hand massage is a special one offering a different kind of experience. A 4-hand massage is given by two therapists who work on you to perform a synchronized full body massage. They make synchronized massage movements applying pressure on both the right and left sides of the body to enhance muscle relaxation.

A 4hand massage is unique because it puts your body and mind in a complete state of relaxation as your body cannot track the synchronized movements. Your brain focuses on the sensations you feel throughout your body, making you fully immersed in the experience.

According to experts, a 4-hand massage effectively balances your energy levels, making your muscles more receptive and pliable. That reduces your tension faster and boosts the effectiveness of the massage. Many people experience a more profound sense of relaxation after a 4-hand massage Melbourne which triggers a deep sleep.

Here is what makes a 4-hand massage unique.

It offers more relaxation.

A 4-hand massage is more relaxing than the conventional massage. Since two therapists work on your body, the brain finds it hard to keep up with four different hands moving all over your skin. When your brain stops trying to make sense of the movements, you feel fully immersed in the experience forgetting all your problems.

A 4-hand massage involves slow and rhythmic movements rather than the brisk movements of a conventional massage. That means both of them can work collaboratively to reduce the tension in your body. It is easy to fall asleep during the experience because your body is fully relaxed.

It realigns the muscles.

Another unique thing about a 4-hand massage is that the simultaneous hand movement realigns your body muscles. The two masseuses facilitate synchronized hand movements that release the tension in your muscles, improve mobility, and make your joints more flexible. That also relieves your stress and sends you into a deeper state of relaxation.

It promotes better blood flow.

A 4-hand massage promotes faster and better blood because of the hand movements on different body parts simultaneously. It improves blood circulation on a broader range than conventional massage therapy, and the synchronized hand techniques address the knotted veins and muscles, improving blood flow. Improved blood flow leads to better oxygen delivery to all the body parts hence a faster healing process.

It involves highly experienced therapists.

Another thing that makes a 4-hand massage worth it is that it involves a high level of skill, so it is given by experienced therapists. The two therapists must stay attuned to each other’s hand movements to deliver the massage intuitively.  They don’t talk to each other not to disturb you, but one therapist acts as the leader as the other follows their movements closely. Generally, they are both highly skilled, so you cannot tell who is following who. They aim to deliver a high level of experience.

It can incorporate several massage styles.

A 4hand massage can incorporate different massage techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, and other massage styles to accommodate your needs. You can check with your therapists before they begin the session to know what they have to offer. Therefore a 4-hands massage gives you all the benefits of a conventional massage, including deep relaxation, improved blood flow, reduced muscle tension, and a better skin tone.

It is longer than a conventional massage.

A 4-hand massage is longer than a regular massage allowing you to experience the maximum benefits of the massage. It could take an hour to a couple of hours which helps you relax adequately. However, it also comes at a heavier price tag than other types of massages.

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