Heterosexuality: the influence of society on sexuality

One of the main reasons we face the problem of gender identity and sexual orientations today is the information we got from our society. From birth, society has a way of imposing your sexuality on you, informing you of your gender. Nonetheless, the information we got from the community was not meant to be imposed; instead, to educate us regarding what sexuality is and how gender identity can be discovered. While a child is born, he is naturally assigned gender or genders, but the society is such that it has the upper advantage of dictating what gender the child stays with and the one he decided not to move with.

Heterosexuality is therefore being sexually or romantically attached to the opposite sex. At birth, or after birth, society naturally dictates every human as heterosexuals making gender identity pre-informed by the community instead of allowing the child to have a say or at least explore their sexual orientations. As time goes on, some children started identifying themselves as bisexual, some homosexuals (gays and lesbians). Making society forced to become superimposing of what a child’s gender should be, or in this case, will be. Thanks to gender reassignment, society’s influence on gender identity has reduced.

Is Heterosexuality the best sexuality?

There’s no such thing as the best sexuality, and we have that proven on some Bangbros videos. You alone have the capacity to decide the best sexuality for you. So, peradventure, you’ve read it somewhere, or you’ve heard someone say particular sexuality is the best, it’s a sham! The only help you need understands the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation and how you can use your sexual orientation to understand your gender identity. Now, understanding your sexual orientation will first warrant you to explore as much sexuality as possible. You might want to start by exploring those that amuse you naturally. Once you explore and it’s something you are comfortable with, then you are good to identify yourself as a particular gender. If, for example, you explore having a relationship with same-sex and you are a lady, you enjoyed the relationship, and it’s something you look forward to doing again and feel precisely the same way with a guy, then you are likely to be bisexual. These are ways to understand your sexuality better and enjoy the perks that come with it because every sexuality has its uniqueness with various perks to go with.

You can identify with as many sexuality as you want. In fact, being sexually fluid gives you the opportunity of connecting with as many genders as possible. Sexuality is meant to be explored and not some sort of rigid concept. Your sexuality is your identity; it’s what you call yourself and comfortable with being. Various Bangbros videos have painted several scenarios of different individuals with varying sexuality living a stress-free and amusing life! Having sex is not an impossible fit and choosing who to have sex with is also your shot to call!

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