You’ve finally decided to get a sex doll. You sifted through a plethora of dolls until you discovered the right one for you; your dream doll. However, you can get quickly overwhelmed by the number of customizing options and possibilities available to you.

silicone sex doll, realistic sex doll, feet standing style and detachable vagina?” What do all of these options signify, and which are best for you?

To discover out, read thoroughly, make the best choices


The height of your doll is a crucial consideration. You can decide how tall you want your doll to be, weighs, and body shape. As a general rule, the taller the doll, the heavier it is. Taller dolls are also more pricey. Because heads and bodies may be combined and matched, it’s best to start with the height, weight, and body. Typically, manufacturers would have already selected the finest head and body combinations for their photographs. You have to choose what height and weight are good for you.

Most sex dolls are heavier than most people assume. Although it may not appear so, sex dolls are all dead weight and considerably more difficult to lift than an actual human. Sex dolls also have an unusual weight distribution, so they might be difficult to lift. Because of the weight, it is best to choose a more miniature doll if you have back problems. Silicone or realistic sex Dolls above 135 cm (4’3″) or 145 cm (4’7″) should still feel perfectly natural for sex and companionship no matter your height.


Select your favorite color. The eyes can be removed and replaced, allowing you to experiment with other colors, but the skin color is fixed and cannot be altered. Note that the color images might sometimes be deceiving due to professional lighting. To get a better impression of the hue, look for factory or customer images of the doll. 


There are two types of feet: normal feet and standing feet. As the name implies, Normal Feet cannot stand, whereas Standing Feet can. You may wonder how the Standing Feet can stand because it contains metal bolts attached to the footplate to support the doll’s weight.

You can go for the  Standing Feet option since it opens up many more possibilities. You may use your doll to pose, photoshoots, different sex positions, and storage space. Your doll may only sit and lie down using the Normal Feet option. If the doll is placed in a standing posture for whatever reason, it may affect your range of sex position choices, and the feet might break if left standing for an extended period. The Standing Feet option will vastly improve your experience.

Standing Without Bolts is an option offered by some silicone sex dolls producers in which the foot material is toughened to hold the weight of the doll. It appears to be Normal Feet; however, it is considerably more difficult to use. If kept standing for an extended period, it might cause foot harm. 


There are two sorts of the vagina: removable and built-in (Fixed). Removable Vaginas can be inserted and withdrawn from the vaginal canal of the doll, it is simple to remove and clean after use, and it can be replaced if broken. Built-in Vaginal openings are integrated into the doll, which means they are permanently attached and cannot be removed. They are generally more realistic sex dolls since they are built-in, but this comes at a cost.

Cleaning a Built-in Vagina is significantly more difficult because it is attached to the doll. Cleaning often entails douching and washing the vagina with water over a pot or bucket or in a tub, followed by thorough drying. To save the hassle of cleaning their Built-in Vagina doll, you should use male or female condoms during intercourse with their doll. We recommend Built-in Vagina. They are more detailed, look and feel more realistic, and are not as tight as the Removable.


There are three types of breasts: solid, hollow, and gel-filled. The solid breasts consist of the same silicone material as the doll’s skin, dubbed “solid” because the silicone substance fills the whole breast. The term “Hollow breasts” refers to a pocket of air inside the breasts, thus the name. The hollow core of the breasts allows you to squeeze them more readily, making them seem softer and squishy, resulting in more bounce and jiggle. Gel-Filled breasts are filled with soft gel with a lifelike feel. They are jiggly like Hollow breasts, have a natural weight, and feel likable, although they generally cost more. 


Almost all doll brands offer the same color selections for fingernails and toes. Natural “Pink” or “Nude/Flesh” colors are common. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. 


Silicone sex dolls and realistic sex dolls come with different pubic hair options. The majority of individuals select “No Pubic Hair.” If you opt to add pubic hair, there usually is a charge involved, and the pubic hair is then implanted into the skin region. Pubic hair, unlike a wig, cannot be removed. It can also fall out, just like any other implanted hair. Make sure to request an example photo of the pubic hair from the vendor or factory because it does not look good most of the time.


Wig gives more style to sex dolls, and most doll companies provide a variety of wigs to pick. These wigs are available for you to select; many businesses engage professional photographers who bring their cosmetics and wigs, which the manufacturer doesn’t provide. Some companies include all wigs seen in the photographs. Just in case, you should check with your vendor. The wigs fit your doll like a hat and are changed and replaced. Most manufacturers’ wigs are of low quality; you’ll most likely wind up purchasing another wig elsewhere.


The silicone sex dolls and realistic sex dolls are good sex dolls you can select and modify to your preferences.

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