Analysis of Live sex chat addiction

Live sex chat addiction has been associated with stress and psychological disruption, but not with the importance of off-the-internet sexual activity or the satisfaction experienced during sexual relations. This is therefore, in the case of, forms of sexual activity not necessarily related to other forms of human sexual interaction outside the Internet.

The intensity of subjective reactivity and arousal associated with pornographic stimuli has been associated with the importance of addictive use of these sites and the negative consequences of this use. In cam2cam chat situation, the patients used to masturbate on one of the most common live sex chat websites.

Addictive use is related to neural activation of regions known to be involved in reactivity to addictive stimuli, particularly the following regions: anterior dorsal, ventral striatum and amygdala. In addition, the reactivity of the ventral striatum to pornographic stimuli has been associated with subjective sense of loss of control over their consumption. As described for other addictions. An addictive use of has been associated with a decrease in prefrontal executive control.

In response to explicit pornographic video stimuli, people with addiction react, in comparison to controls, with more desire but a similar liking (pleasure of action accomplished), in accordance with the wanting: incentive salience hypothesis (incentive saillance activated in the presence or anticipation of stimuli associated with rewards)/liking in addictions. One can be strongly attracted to consumption or behaviour without feeling that one likes it very much.

The liking dimension therefore seems to play a less important role in live sex chat addiction than that of wanting (salliance incentive) or learming (conditioning of behaviours, therefore learning, by predictive associations: expectations of positive effect on emotions, for example coping).

As described for other addictions, addictive use of has been associated with a decrease in prefrontal executive control.

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